Marburg Medium Braille Font Standard

There are many specifications for setting braille type. However, the PharmaBraille range of braille fonts comply with the Marburg Medium specification, as recommended by European and North American standards for pharmaceutical packaging and labels.

The Marburg Medium Braille Specification

  • The dot diameter is 1.3-1.6mm.
  • The dot spacing is 2.5mm from dot centre to dot centre.
  • The character spacing is 6.0mm from dot centre to dot centre.
  • The line spacing is 10.0mm.

Marburg Medium Braille Cell Spacing

The Marburg Medium font standard spacing dimensions

The Marburg Medium Braille Cell Spacing Dimensions for Braille on the Female Matrix and on Artwork are:

a. 2.5mm horizontal dot to dot
b. 2.5mm vertical dot to dot
c. 6.0mm from cell to cell
d. 12.0mm from cell to cell with single space between
e. 10.0mm line spacing

Tolerances: ±0.1mm

Braille cell dot height

The Marburg Medium Standard does not specify a braille dot height. However the CEN standard for pharmaceutical packaging refers to a dot height target of 0,20mm:

“For embossed materials the target Braille cell dot height shall be 0,20mm…”

Braille Cell Dimensions

Marburg Medium braille has been specifically designed for use on pharmaceutical packaging. There are other standards that have been created for specific applications.

The table below contains a summary of the different braille dimensions used in the major braille producing countries and for specific applications. Marburg Medium is the only one recommended for pharmacutical packs.


Horiz dot to dot mmVertical dot to dot mmCell to cell mmLine to line mmDot base diam mmDot height mm
American Library of Congress2.52.56.2510.00.5
American National Library for the Blind2.282.286.0910.160.5
American Standard Sign2.3 – 2.52.3 – 2.56.1 – 7.610.0 – 10.11.5 – 1.60.6 – 0.9
Australia Sign2.29 – 2.502.29 – 2.546.00 – 6.1010.16 – 10.411.40 – 1.500.46 – 0.53
Californian Sign2.542.545.080.64
ECMA Euro Braille2.
Electronic Braille2.
English Interline (alternate print and braille lines)2.292.546.0012.701.4 – 1.50.46
English Interpoint (braille on both sides of the paper)2.292.546.0010.411.4 – 1.50.46
English Giant Dot3.253.259.7817.021.90.81
Enlarged American2.542.547.2412.70
Enhanced Line Spacing2.
French2.5 – 2.62.5 – 2.6>101.20.8 – 1.0
German2. – 1.6≥0.5
International Building Standard2.52.56.1 – 7.610.0 – 10.11.5 – 1.60.6 – 0.9
Italian2.2 – 2.52.2 –
Jumbo American2.922.928.7612.701.70.53
Marburg Medium2. – 1.6
Marburg Large2.72.76.610.81.5 – 1.8
Small English2.032.035.388.461.4 – 1.50.33
Standard American2.342.346.2210.161.450.48